PERM (RUSSIA) - December 10, 2016 Regional Women's Conference was held in Perm. This year was declared the Year of the Word of God in the Pentecostal Union of Russia. “Your word is the lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105) was the theme of the women's conference “Living by the Word.”

CHITA (RUSSIA) - On April 15 and 16, “Salvation in Jesus” Christian church in Chita warmly welcomed participants of the regional women’s conference under the titile “Living by the Word”.
– When I meet women, I notice, that the Word of God is being questioned. Very often we, women, are being moved by our desires, feelings, and we forget that the way is found not in our own strength, but in the Word of God, – says the coordinator of the women’s ministry in the Siberian Federal District, pastor of women ministry network in “Salvation in Jesus” church Lyudmila Panasovets. – While we were preparing for the conference, God clearly opened for me Genesis, chapter 3: the serpent said to Eve “Indeed, has God said”. I realized that very often the devil deceives us, lies come to our lives, we begin to doubt, and then comes disappointment. That is why we specifically stressed that we should live according to the Word.

KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) - On March 20 and 21, Emmanuel church of Kaliningrad, the most western region of Russia, hosted the annual Women's Conference under the title “God is looking for a woman.” Speakers of the conference were Larisa Grabovenko, head of women's ministry of the Pentecostal Union of Russia, and Elena Hooda, director of women's and family ministries of the New Testament Church in Perm.

IZHEVSK (RUSSIA) - Women's ministry in the Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk concluded 'Mother's Wisdom' course. It aroused great interest – 84 women aged 22 to 65 years among whom there were those not attending church services – willingly responded to the announcement of its beginning. They were divided into 10 groups. Women who attended the course found answers to many troubling questions, experienced the joy of fellowship in a small group, joint prayers and, of course, God's presence.

SYKTYVKAR (KOMI REPUBLIC, RUSSIA) – On December 20, a one-day regional women's conference took place at the Source of Life Church. 120 women from churches of Vorkuta, Pechora, Sosnogorsk, Ukhta, Emva, Kaygorodsk attended the conference. They were not only from the Source of Life Church network, but also from other evangelical churches.

KHABAROVSK (RUSSIA) - Apr 4-5, 2014 - Grace Church of Khabarovsk hosted ‘One Heart’ Women’s Conference. More than 150 women from different cities of the Far East region gathered in Khabarovsk: from Zeya, Birobidzhan, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Amursk, Khabarovsk.

KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) – Emmanuel Church of the most western city of Russia hosted a women’s conference. Larissa Grabovenko, Women’s Ministry Leader of the Pentecostal Union of Russia, and Elena Khuda, Women’s and Family Ministry Leader of the New Testament Church of Perm, were the main speakers. Up to 200 women from churches of Kaliningrad region gathered for the event.

MOSCOW (RUSSIA), - March 8th is celebrated in Russia as an International Women’s Day. On this day gifts, bouquets of flowers, best wishes and smiles are designated only for women. To make this celebration even more festive Moscow Church of the Risen Christ the Savior organized concerts for the best half of the humanity in a Convention center of a capital’s district of Chertanovo.

MOSCOW, Jan 16-17 – a seminar for the RCCEF (the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith) women's ministry coordinators took place. The event brought together 38 coordinators for women’s and family ministries from different territories and regions of Russia – from Kaliningrad (West) to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (East), from Maikop (South) to Murmansk (North).

On October 26, the "New Testament" church (Kudymkar, Komi-Permian region) hosted a regional women's conference with the participation of the Head of Women's Ministries of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Larisa Grabovenko and the leader of the women's and family ministry of the "New Testament" church in Perm Elena Hooda.

Leader of the women’s ministry – Larisa Grabovenko

Women’s ministry exists to help Christian women see their purpose in life and find their place in church based on God’s Word.