Easter Celebration at Nehemiah Church in Omsk

In Russia

OMSK (RUSSIA) - On May 1, Nehemiah Church of Omsk celebrated Easter. Senior pastor Denis Malyutin addressed the congregation with a word of greeting and wished that on such a day all the needs would be met for those who praise the name of God. Children from Sunday school sang psalms, recited verses from the Bible, performed a skit about three trees. The youth and their teacher of art Kristina Bochineva presented a performance called “Jesus is risen! God of earth and heaven”.

A guest from Dagestan Ruslan Alexandrovich Kornev, pastor of the Source of Life Church in Kaspiysk shared a message. Before the sermon he reminded that we are called to sharing the meaning of Easter with all people living on Earth. We need to open our hearts to people, so that they could see the love of Christ, because many of them have a desire to receive that Love! They will be able to see it through us (Rom. 8:14-16).

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith based on the website of the Nehemiah Church of Omsk