Water baptism in Harvest Church of Omsk

In Russia

OMSK (RUSSIA) - August 27, The Harvest Church of Omsk in Siberia held water baptism service. On this day, 32 people made a covenant with the Lord. For everyone who was baptized, and for those who came to support the brothers and sisters, this day was a great holiday. After baptism service, they listened to a brief inspiring message. It was about the importance of water baptism in the life of every believer, that from now on everyone, who received water baptism is in the covenant with God, and the covenant is immutable.

On that day, all brothers and sisters took part in the Communion. Those who were baptized, for the first time shared bread and cup, to glorify God.

At the end of the event the pastor gave each new member of the Church a certificate of water baptism and a book about the Holy Spirit.

Last Saturday of August for all who were present became a festival, which took place in the unity of the Spirit, praise and worship.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith