“Prepare the Way for the Lord” – the annual conference of the Russian Church of Evangelical Faith Christians took place in Moscow

In Russia

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – On May 7-9, the annual conference of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith was held at the Congress Hall of the Moscow World Trade Center. This year it was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and was called “Prepare the Way of the Lord”. Seven services and 13 workshops took place during the conference. The program included panel discussions on Mission and Reformation, led by the rector of the Moscow Theological Institute Sergei Yastrzhembsky.

On May 7, at the opening session, Bishop Alexei Rudenky preached on “Reformation of the personality”. He reminded that we are bearers of the glory, power and miracles of God, and must pass them on to the next generation. In the evening service, evangelist Mikel French encouraged to take an adventure to the heart of God and reminded about vision, compassion and action we undertake on the way.

Lawyers Anatoly Pchelintsev and Inna Zagrebina emphasized in their speech that they were ready to practically help churches and associations in any legal situation they might face. The legal service of the Russian Church organized departments in different areas of legal assistance, – said director of the legal service Inna Zagrebina.

On May 8, Bishop Pavel Zhelnovakov opened with the sermon “Prepare the way of the Lord”. He invited listeners to ponder on the questions: how much time we have to fulfill the Lord's commission, how deeply we are concerned about the destiny of people in eternity, what Christ will ask us when we stand before Him in eternity and whether we are ready to go before Him to where He wants to go.

During the day, the conference participants heard a testimony of missionary pastor from Hong Kong Dennis Balcombe about the awakening in China. God has greatly used him to bless and strengthen the Chinese church that now has well over one hundred million believers. The testimony was accompanied by a presentation of photographs and video clips of the church in China.

Head Bishop Eduard Grabovenko poured out his pastor's heart in the sermon “Do what God called you to do”. Evening of May 8 was marked by a ceremony of rewarding ministers who made a great contribution to the development of the Russian Church. 11 Russian ministers received the award of John Voronaeff: Ivan Marchuk, Nazar Reschykovets, Vladimir Maltsev, Nikolai Konyakhin, Nikolai Voskoboinikov, Pavel Zhelnovakov, Alexei Rudenky, Vasily Yevchik, Fedor Velichko, Valentina Fedorova, Pyotr Yarmolyuk.

On May 9, the service began with a sermon of Bishop Vassily Evchik “Your God Who is Teaching You”, in which he talked about the Reformation and reformers of their time. The minister recalled the reformers in the Bible – Ezra and Jehoshaphat – and stories of their success.

The conference concluded with a sermon of Bishop Nikolai Zalutsky “Church is the place of the Reformation”. The minister once again stressed the role of the church and the importance of its influence in society.

The program of workshops encompassed music and women's ministry, spiritual education, included business seminars conducted by pastors Vitaly Bushter and Sergei Terekhov, presentations of the evangelism, church planting courses, and missionaries' testimonies at the “Gospel to All People” seminars.

Specialists of the Legal Service of the Russian Church Dmitry Ivanov, Vladimir Kuzmenko, Larissa Zhelonkina conducted seminars on the statutory activities of churches and inspections of law enforcement agencies.

Pastor and missionary from Hong Kong, Dennis Bolcombe, shared the secret to a miraculous ministry based on Acts 2:37–43. Leader of the International House of Prayer John Crisholm talked about the rising of the prayer movement all over the world.

Members of the board of the Russia Without Orphans Alliance, Mikhail and Galina Kozitskiy, talked about orphans accessible and inaccessible to the family adoption, and about effective tools for caring and serving them, and how children left without parental care could gain support in their lives, because of the wise ministry of the church.

Sociologist of religion, defender of freedom of conscience, journalist, leading researcher of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, president of the Guild of Experts on Religion and Law Roman Lunkin made a presentation “Church and mass media: how to survive in an indifferent society”.

Praise and worship at the conference was led by three choirs: the choir and worship band of the New Testament Church of Perm; music band and choir of New Testament Churches and Night Church of Moscow; music band and choir of the Ural regional Association.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith