One Year For Jesus

KALUGA (RUSSIA) – Our team evangelized in Peremyshlski district of Kaluga area. We have made friends whose hearts are open to God and they are searching for Him.

PERM (RUSSIA) – The day was windy. We were walking down the streets of a town passing out Christian literature. One of the members of our team noticed an old lady and ran to her, “Christian mail”. The lady turned and smiled, and then she came up and gladly received the Gospel. We met her. Her name is Martha, she is 78.

BOGORODSK (RUSSIA) – I’ve met an elderly woman named Nina during an outreach. She shared that in her life she often would respond to anger with anger, and would wish harm to the person hurting her. The Good News touched her heart and she decided to pray the sinners’ prayer.

EKATERINBURG (RUSSIA) – At her 80 years old Zinaida looks very well, she doesn’t look older than 60. She has a kind and sincere heart. When we began to talk to her, we realized that God was leading us to her, because she needed help. Her heart weeps for her loved ones. Though they all live together, in one apartment. But the housing problem separated the family.

NOVOKUZNETSK (RUSSIA) - The morning was wonderful: warm, fresh snow. We came to Plodopitomnik village in Prokopievsk district in Kemerovo region for an outreach. Our team of two was not welcomed by the villagers – they weren’t opened, some would even send us off. We were discouraged. But we stood firmly on the promise that God would answer our prayer, we stopped, prayed to meet the people who desperately needed God.

PERM (RUSSIA) - In May 2016, a team of three missionaries went to a village to plant a church. There they met a family of the Ivanovs1. Here’s what the missionaries wrote: “The commission on juvenile affairs asked us to visit a dysfunctional family – meet them, talk to them, pray for them, because the children were likely to be taken away from their parents. We bought some food, took Christian books and went to see them.

BARNAUL (RUSSIA) - A team from the New Life Church of Barnaul evangelized in the town of Kosikha in Altai region. All 6,000 residents of the town heard the Gospel, 276 of them reconciled with God, a home church started to meet. The team more than once have brought food products, clothes, helped people to landscape their yards. In the beginning of summer the team organized a celebration for kids with clowns, puppet show and a trampoline.

BOGORODSK (RUSSIA) - Both encounters took place in the town of Vorsma. It was warm, I walked down the street carrying “The Good Word” newspapers. Suddenly I saw an old lady sitting on a bench. She looked sad and I decided to come closer and talk to her. I told her that I brought her a gift – a newspaper and a “Choose Life” booklet. The old lady was surprised and happy with a gift. Her name was Antonina. She listened to the Good News and prayed the sinners’ prayer. She said she believed in God but was tired of such a life and was asking God for death.

BOGORODSK (RUSSIA) - The Molev’s – Viktor Alexandrovich and Tamara Vasilievna – are retired: he is 75 and she is 80. In the town of Kamenki where they live the One Year for Jesus team from Bogorodsk had a rally preaching the Gospel and praying for healing. Viktor Alexandrovich and Tamara Vasilievna came up to the front at the altar call and then the pastor prayed for their health restoration. They invited pastor Vladimir Bogdanov to come to their house to help them study the Word of God. And one week after that, a small Bible study group began to meet in their house.

KANSK (RUSSIA) - After the crusade in Dorozhny village we decided to have a tea party to get to know each other better. Several people stayed. 14-year old Vika was one of them. Our sisters noted her strange behavior: while we prayed for a woman, Vika was restless. As we later found out, she was frightened.

OMSK (RUSSIA) - In children ward of the cancer clinic, where people die every day, you get that special conviction that the Word of God is able to change lives. The desire is strong to make sure every child gets his salvation and hope in eternity. One of our sisters in Christ is in this hospital with her daughter Alisa. We took some children’s books and sweets and came to see them at her invitation. We told the children and their parents about Jesus, the best and most reliable friend, and that Jesus brings joy.

BARNAUL (RUSSIA) - This story really stood out from all stories of our trip to Kosikha town in Altai region. Our team has been going there for two months by now. The day was warm and sunny, and most people were in their yards, working in their gardens. In this yard an elderly couple was working, little girl was playing by them, their granddaughter as we found out later. We addressed the man. But when he heard the question about whether he believed in God, as most men usually do, he suggested we talked to his wife, as she knew more about this matter.